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Dual Diagnosis

After our adult patients undergo detox, and after our adolescent patients are admitted into a program, it becomes essential to determine if an individual is suffering from dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe a patient with a mental illness who also suffers from drug  and/or alcohol dependence.

Dual diagnosis is unfortunately a common issue —many people with mental illness have ongoing substance abuse problems, and many people who abuse drugs and alcohol also experience mental illness.

To determine whether a patient is suffering from dual diagnosis, the patient will be given an additional assessment. Dual Diagnosis assessment helps our clinical team understand the patient and the reason for his or her addiction or mental state: Does the patient drink because they are depressed, or is the patient depressed because they drink?

Once a dual diagnosis is confirmed, an individualized treatment plan is created by the clinical team and reviewed with the patient. If someone you know may be suffering from a co-occurring substance abuse problem and mental health issue, please contact Atlantic Shores Hospital to speak with a counselor today.