Substance Abuse

Fort Lauderdale drug treatment center

The goal of the substance abuse program is to improve the necessary daily living skills as well as coping mechanisms in order to allow individuals to reach and maintain a maximum quality of life. Atlantic Shores Hospital strives to promote recovery for both the chemically dependent patient and family.

Throughout treatment, patients are provided with the necessary tools to develop a new self-image, and to initiate positive life changes. Patients learn to understand and accept their addictions. After detox, patients are placed into an acute treatment program. Our programs include:


  • Alcohol and Drug Dependence
  • 12-step Licensed Chemical Dependency Program
  • Substance Abuse Rehabilitation




Atlantic Shores Hospital is licensed and accredited by the following:
  • “The Joint Commission” or TJC
  • State of Florida
  • Department of Children & Families
  • 12-Step Licensed Chemical Dependency Program



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